Evidence session 13 September

08 September 2011

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee will take evidence on Tuesday 13 September at 10.00 am in the Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

The witnesses are as follows:

At 10.00 am: Louise Stamp, Electoral Services Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Julian Bassham, Electoral Services Manager at London Borough of Southwark, and Darren Whitney, Democratic Services Manager, Stratford on Avon District Council (on data matching pilots) 

At 10.30 am: Simon Woolley, Director, Operation Black Vote

At 11.00 am: Cristina Sarb, Public Policy Adviser, Scope 

At 11.30 am:Katie Ghose, Chief Executive, Electoral Reform Society

The purpose of the first panel is to learn from the preliminary findings from the data matching pilots carried out by three local authorities, and to see if they have the resources to follow them up successfully. The subsequent panels will explore the concerns of a variety of interest groups about the draft legislation on individual electoral registration, in particular its possible negative impact on certain groups of people who are already under-represented on the electoral register.

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