Further oral evidence info and Issues and Questions paper

The Committee launched its inquiry into the Government’s consultation, Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists, on 20th January.

The Committee held its first evidence session on 2nd February and heard from witnesses with a range of strong views on lobbying regulations (see news story).

Its second evidence session was on 1st March when it heard from those who have been closely involved with the UK Public Affairs Council (see news story).

The third evidence session was held on 15th March, the session heard from the three self-regulatory bodies for public affairs professionals and to explore their views on the scope of the Government’s proposals for a statutory register of lobbyists
(see news story).

The fourth evidence session on 22 March was to hear from those who could be required to be on a statutory register of lobbyists depending on the Government’s final definition of lobbying activity. The session explored how existing charity, trade union and legal work could be affected by the requirement to register
(see news story).

The fifth evidence session on Thursday 26 April 2012 was to hear from an academic expert in lobbying regulations in other countries, and from the owner of a website that collates and presents data on Ministerial meetings. The session will explored how publication of data on Ministerial meetings could be made more user friendly, and whether any existing models of regulation in other countries could be applicable to the UK. (see news story).

The sixth and final evidence session Thursday 17 May 2012 was hear from the Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, Mark Harper MP on the rationale for the Government proposals for introducing a statutory register of lobbyists. The session examined the evidence for the Government’s proposals, and explore whether the proposals are likely to stop future scandals in lobbying. (see news story)

Issues and questions paper (PDF PDF 635 KB)