Petitions site opens following appointment of new Committee

07 September 2017

Following the set up of the committee, the petitions site, reopens.

Using petitions to make real changes happen

On the reopening of Chair of the Committee, Helen Jones MP said:

"I am delighted that the public will be able to start and sign petitions again. Petitions are a vital part of our democracy and have enabled a wide range of voices to be heard in Parliament.

From the Department for Health looking again at brain tumour research funding, to the Government committing to do more to tackle discriminatory workplace dress codes, the public have used petitions to make real changes happen.

Soon MPs will again be able take part in debates initiated by the public. The Petitions Committee will check and challenge the Government's responses to petitioners and ensure that petitioners' voices are taken seriously and valued.

I look forward to working with the new Petitions Committee to ensure that petitions make a difference."

The committee

Nine members of the Petitions Committee have been agreed by the House for the 2017 Parliament. The Chair and nine Members of the Committee are:

Election of chairs and members

Committee chairs were elected by a secret ballot of all MPs in July 2017. The members of committees are then selected by their parties through an internal ballot, for agreement by the House.

The allocation of chairs and the membership of select committees broadly reflects the balance of political parties in the House.

Further information

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