Your petitions and the 2017 General Election: FAQs

02 May 2017

The General Election means that the petitions website and all petitions had to close on 3 May. Those petitions will not reopen after the election. We’ll keep you updated about when the site will reopen for new petitions and signatures after the election.

Why is the petitions site closed?

The petitions site is closed because the General Election means that Parliament has to be dissolved. When there is a general election, Parliament closes for a few weeks before the vote. The petitions website is part of the official work of Parliament, so it has to stop too.

What happened to the petitions?

All petitions that were open on the site are now closed and can no longer be signed. They won’t be reopened after the election. They’re available for people to read on the site.

My petition got 10,000 signatures before the site closed. Will the Government still have to respond?

The Government can’t respond during the election period. It will be up to the new Government to decide whether it wants to respond to petitions from before the election.

My petition got 100,000 signatures before the site closed. Will it get debated?

The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who decide which petitions are debated) ceased to exist when Parliament was dissolved. There will be a new Petitions Committee after the election, and decisions about petition debates will become the responsibility of that Committee. 

Will my petition be opened again after the general election?

No. You’ll need to start a new petition and collect new signatures.

Can I carry over the signatures my petition has already collected?

No. You’ll need to start a new petition and collect new signatures.

When can I start a new petition?

The petitions site will open again as soon as the House of Commons sets up a new Petitions Committee. We don't know exactly when that will happen. You can follow us on Twitter @HoCPetitions for updates, or check back on the petitions site for news if you prefer.

When will petitions be considered for debate?

Petitions will be considered for debate when the House of Commons sets up a new Petitions Committee.  We don’t know yet exactly when this will happen.

Why is there currently no Petitions Committee?

The General Election means that all the Committees have to stop work. New Committees will be appointed by the new House of Commons and until then, there are no Chairs or Members of Committees.  The information on these pages is about the work of the Petitions Committee before the election.

Further information

We’ll make sure to keep this website up to date with any news about the new Petitions Committee. You can also follow us on Twitter @HoCPetitions for updates. We’ll start tweeting again once a new Chair for the Committee has been elected. This is likely to be a few weeks after the general election.


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