Chair nominations for Petitions Committee

Nominations close for Chair elections.

Helen Jones was the only candidate nominated to be Chair of the Petitions Committee.

She will be declared to be elected unopposed on Wednesday 12 July. That's when the Speaker will  announce the result of the elections for Chairs of other select committees.

Helen Jones starts her role as Chair as soon as the other members of the Committee are formally appointed by the House of Commons. That's also when will reopen.

We don't know exactly when that will happen, but we'll keep you updated. You can follow us on Twitter for news @HoCPetitions

You can find out more about why the petitions site is closed and what will happen in our FAQ page

Nominated by (own party)

Albert Owen, Wayne David, Lisa Nandy, Mr Kevan Jones, Mr Ivan Lewis, Bridget Phillipson, Susan Elan Jones, Catherine McKinnell, Gill Furniss, Mr Chris Leslie, Rosie Cooper, Maria Eagle, Stephen Pound, Conor McGinn, Faisal Rashid

Nominated by (other parties)

Martyn Day, Robert Neill, Paul Scully, Steve Double

Image: Parliamentary copyright