Northern Ireland Affairs Committee takes further evidence on corporation tax

23 November 2010

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into corporation tax in Northern Ireland with evidence from Tony McManus of NYSE Technologies and John Simpson of the University of Ulster's Business School.

The session starts at 3.00pm on Wednesday 24 November 2010 in Committee Room 5, House of Commons.


At 3.00pm  

  • Tony McManus, Global Head of Enterprise Software and Head of Operations in Belfast, NYSE Technologies

At 3.45pm  

  • John Simpson, Part-time Consultant, Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster and a regular writer on the Northern Ireland economy


The Chancellor has announced that he plans to reduce the main rate of corporation tax in the UK from 28% to 24% over the next four years. He further announced that he would review measures to rebalance the NI economy including consideration of mechanisms for changing the corporation tax rate. The rate in the Republic of Ireland is 12.5%.

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has so far held three evidence sessions examining the issues around the rate of corporation tax in Northern Ireland. Transcripts of the sessions are available on the Committee's website:

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