Secretary of State questioned on the work of Northern Ireland Office

04 July 2018

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee hears from the Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, on the work of the Northern Ireland Office, with a specific focus on legacy issues, the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive and Brexit.

Purpose of the Session

In May, the Northern Ireland Office launched a consultation, Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past, which included proposals for the creation of four new legacy bodies, including a Historical Investigations Unit. The session examines the proposed remit of the body, including the decision to exclude non-fatal cases, as well as its funding and operations.

In the continued absence of devolved Government, the Committee will seek an update on efforts to re-establish an Executive. It will also investigate the impact of an absence of Ministerial decision-making in the region, and the basis for the Secretary of State's funding decisions set out in the Northern Ireland Budget Bill, which is being considered by Parliament next week.

The Committee will also question the Secretary of State on a range of Brexit related issues facing the region, in particular the border question, and will seek an update on the progress of talks and development of a solution for the border that meets the UK's Brexit policy commitments. The Committee will also examine what preparations have been made for physical, technological and procedural measures that may need to be put in place and will also press the Secretary of State to expand on the minimal detail included in the Government’s response to the Committee’s land border report.


Wednesday 4 July in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 9.30am

  • Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • Colin Perry, Director of Change, Economy and Legacy, Northern Ireland Office
  • Chris Flatt, Deputy Director, Legacy Group, Northern Ireland Office

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