Fish producer organisations discuss regulation after Brexit

25 April 2018

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines Northern Ireland's two fish producer organisations as part of their inquiry into Brexit and fisheries.


Wednesday 25 April, Committee Room 8, House of Commons

From 9.30am:

  • Harry Wick, CEO, Northern Ireland Fish Producers Organisation
  • Alan McCulla, CEO, Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation

Purpose of the session

The Northern Ireland Fish Producers Organisation and the Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation represent over 150 vessels operating out of Northern Ireland ports, landing fish and shellfish worth over £45 million a year. Producer Organisations are officially recognised bodies, governed by EU law, that perform a range of practical, commercial and administrative functions for the fishermen who are their members. This includes the managements of fish quotas, the marketing of fish products and representation at local, national and European level.

During this session, MPs examine the potential for reforming distribution of fish quotas and consider future changes to access for fishermen in the territorial waters of the UK and the EU. The Committee also look at the role of regulation in maintaining sustainable fishing stocks, and measures by the Government to support the fishing industry and local communities.

Further information

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