Northern Ireland Affairs Committee looks to Switzerland and Norway in border inquiry

01 November 2017

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee questions senior officials from Switzerland and Norway to gain an insight into existing border arrangements between the EU and non-member states, in particular measures for controlling the movement of goods and people.

Both nations have long standing free trade agreements with the EU; Norway as a member of the European Economic Area, Switzerland through a series of bi-lateral agreements. Each shares lengthy land borders with EU member states over which customs controls are applied to goods crossing the border.

Purpose of the session

The Committee will examine:

  • How the trade arrangements agreed with the EU have affected the physical infrastructure in place at border crossings
  • How technological solutions have been used to reduce disruption and combat smuggling
  • The impact on those who use the border, the level of disruption to commerce, and those who want to cross for business or leisure


Wednesday 1 November 2017, Wilson Room

At 9.30am

  • Dr Christian Bock, Director General, Federal Customs Administration (Switzerland)
  • Brigadier Jürg Noth, Head of the Swiss Border Guard
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rebekka Straessle, Chief of Staff, Swiss Border Guard

At 10.15am (approximately)

  • Kristin Breiland, Directorate of Norwegian Customs
  • Liv Kristin Rundberget, Assistant Director, Directorate of Norwegian Customs 

Further information

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