Education funding in Northern Ireland inquiry launched

02 August 2018

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee launches inquiry into education funding in Northern Ireland. The inquiry follows the passage of the Government’s Northern Ireland Budget Act, which set out funding for NI departments, including education, up until 31 March 2019.

The inquiry

The inquiry will examine whether the levels of funding allocated to education in the Northern Ireland Budget are sufficient to meet the challenges facing the sector, and what the spending priorities should be for the monies allocated to the NI Department of Education. Formal evidence sessions are expected to take place when Parliament returns in the Autumn. 

Education budget

Dr Andrew Murrison MP, Chair of the Committee, commented

"Education has been a victim of the uncertainty and inability to plan that has been common throughout the public sector in Northern Ireland since the Northern Ireland Executive collapsed. Now that the UK Government has set a Budget for the Department of Education, it is important that we scrutinise the priorities implied and whether the funding allocated is sufficient to secure the outcomes anticipated. We will be looking at how the money allocated to the Department for Education is to be spent and who will be responsible for taking difficult, potentially challengeable, spending decisions."

Terms of Reference

The Committee invites written evidence on the following issues: 

  • Are the funds allocated to the Department of Education in the Northern Ireland Budget Act 2018 sufficient to improve educational outcomes in Northern Ireland?
  • How should the UK Government manage additional funding earmarked for education as part of the confidence and supply arrangement?
  • Are levels of capital funding sufficient to support investment in improvements to Northern Ireland’s schools?
  • What are the areas of greatest need in the education sector in Northern Ireland?
  • How can funding be best deployed to ensure value for money in education spending?
  • How can funding be used to support the different school sectors in Northern Ireland, including schools for children with special educational needs and disabilities?

Closing date for written submissions has been extended to 5pm on Friday 14 September 2018.

  • Send a written submission to the Education funding in Northern Ireland inquiry.

Further information

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