Boeing quizzed on Bombardier tariff complaints

13 December 2017

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee hears from Sir Michael Arthur, President Boeing Europe, as part of their inquiry into Bombardier. The Committee examines the complaints made by Boeing against Bombardier and the wider impact on manufacturing in Northern Ireland.


Wednesday 13 December 2017, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 9.30am

  • Sir Michael Arthur, President Boeing Europe and Managing Director UK and Ireland
  • Steven Gillard, Head of Government Affairs, Boeing UK and Ireland
  • Matthew Knowles, Communications Director, Boeing UK and Ireland.

Purpose of the session

The session examines allegations made against Bombardier and the basis for the complaint against them. It assesses what role apparent UK Government intervention had in the complaints and the implications for supporting manufacturing in the future. It also investigates what lessons can be learnt that could protect Northern Ireland’s industries in the future.

Boeing’s complaint

Earlier this year, following a complaint made by Boeing, the US Department of Commerce made provisional judgements that would apply 300% tariffs on C-Series jets made by Bombardier. Part of Boeing’s complaint was that Bombardier were able to sell the aircraft at below the cost of production due to subsidies from UK and Canadian governments.

Since that decision, Airbus have moved to buy a controlling stake in the C-Series programme and reportedly plan to move part of production to the US, making it a domestic product in that market. However, a final decision on the tariffs has not yet been made and is expected in February 2018.

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