Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Changes to NI Renewable Heat Incentive payments inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Inquiry launch on Thursday 15 March 2019. Oral evidence ongoing.

Following the passage of a bill relating to payments under the NI Renewable Heat Incentive scheme in Westminster last week, the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee launches a short inquiry into the new payments structure. For further information please contact the Clerk of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at

Scope of the inquiry

The Northern Ireland (Regional Rates and Energy) (No. 2) Bill was fast-tracked through the House of Commons with all relevant stages of the bill taken in one day. The Chair of the Committee, along with many other Members, raised concerns about this process and about the limited time available for scrutiny. The House was assured that the bill must be fast-tracked for payments to continue to be made to businesses.

Terms of Reference

  • What was the rationale for the new tariff structure introduced by the bill?
  • How will these new tariffs affect the businesses they apply to?
  • What other options could be considered for payments to stay line with the 12% approved by state aid?
  • How do these tariffs compare with those available in Great Britain?
  • If these changes had not been introduced by 31 March, what would be the consequences?
  • How far does the voluntary buy-out scheme mitigate the potential impact of the new tariffs?

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