New inquiry: Crime reduction policies: a co-ordinated approach?

19 March 2013

The Justice Select Committee has decided to hold an inquiry into Crime reduction policies: a co-ordinated approach?

What is the Government’s approach to cutting crime? To what extent is the approach taken cross-departmental, and how are resources for such policies—from within and outside the criminal justice system—allocated and targeted?

  • How reliable is the evidence on which these policies are based?
  • What impact have recent spending reductions had on the implementation of crime reduction policies, and the way in which resources for crime reduction are channelled at local level?
  • What contribution do existing sentencing, prison and probation policies make to the reduction of crime?
  • How cost-effective and sustainable are the Government’s strategies for punishment and reform and their proposals for transforming rehabilitation?

The Committee invites written submissions on these issues by midday on Friday 17 May 2013.

Submitting written evidence

As part of a scheme to encourage paperless working and maximise efficiency, the Committee is piloting a new web portal for online submission of written evidence. Written submissions for this inquiry should therefore be sent via:

Submit written evidence

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