New Inquiry: Criminal Cases Review Commission

17 October 2014

The Justice Committee begins a new inquiry into the effectiveness of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).


The Justice Committee took oral evidence (PDF 193 KB) from the Criminal Cases Review Commission on its work on 14 January 2014. Following that it sought comments on the work of the CCRC from certain academics and lawyers, and then offered the CCRC a chance to respond to those comments.

The Committee now proposes to follow up this subject by holding a short inquiry into the work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. It would therefore welcome written submissions on the work and effectiveness of the CCRC. These submissions may address any aspect of the CCRC’s work, but those making submissions should note that the Justice Committee may not examine or consider individual cases which are currently before the Commission or the courts.  

The Committee would be particularly grateful if submissions could address the following points:

  • Whether the CCRC has fulfilled the expectations and remit which accompanied it at its establishment following the 1993 report of the  Royal Commission on Criminal Justice
  • Whether the CCRC has in general appropriate and sufficient (i) statutory powers and (ii) resources to carry out its functions effectively, both in terms of investigating cases and in the wider role of promoting confidence in the criminal justice system
  • Whether the “real possibility” test for reference of a case to the Court of Appeal under section 13(1) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995 is appropriate and has been applied appropriately by the CCRC
  • Whether any changes to the role, work and remit of the CCRC are needed and, if so, what those changes should be.

The deadline for written submissions to be made is Friday 5 December 2014.

Written submissions should be made via the web portal:

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