Minister of State gives evidence on Transforming Rehabilitation

10 June 2019

The Justice Committee takes evidence from Robert Buckland QC MP, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice, accompanied by three Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) officials.


Wednesday 12 June 2019, Committee Room 8

At 10.00am

  • Robert Buckland QC MP, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice
  • Amy Rees, Director General for Probation and HMPPS Wales, Ministry of Justice
  • Jim Barton, Director and Senior Responsible Owner, Probation Reform Programme, HM Prison and Probation Service
  • Sonia Crozier, Chief Probation Officer, HM Prison and Probation Service

Purpose of the session

The session will concentrate primarily on probation, in particular:

  • the Government’s response to the Committee’s June 2018 Transforming Rehabilitation report; and
  • the changes to the probation model announced by the Government in May 2019.

The Committee will also take evidence on the management and supervision of men convicted of sexual offences.

This was the subject of a joint HM Inspector of Probation and HM Inspector of Prisons report in January 2019. 

Further information

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