Justice Committee: weekly update

26 April 2017

At the end of sitting weeks the Justice Committee publishes a brief summary of its activities in the form of a weekly update.

Dissolution of Parliament

In light of the imminent dissolution of Parliament following the House’s agreement to an early general election, the Committee is suspending work on its current inquiries and is not accepting further written submissions to them. Further information about the winding up of the Committee’s business in this Parliament will be available soon in the Committee’s Report on its unfinished business (see below). It will be for the new Justice Committee in the next Parliament to decide whether to resume any or all of this Committee’s work.

Once Parliament is dissolved there will be no Justice Committee in existence. Committee staff will be contactable and able to respond to factual queries about the Committee’s past work. All other matters concerning the Committee’s work will need to await the establishment of the Committee in the next Parliament. Like this Committee, the next Committee will not be permitted to consider individual cases.

This week's meeting

The Committee met in private on Tuesday 25 April.

Report agreed: Part 1 of the Prisons and Courts Bill

At its meeting this week the Committee agreed a report, Prison reform: Part 1 of the Prisons and Courts Bill. This considers the Bill’s provisions for prison reform, drawing on the Committee’s evidence on Prison reform and that taken by the Public Bill Committee. It will be published as the Committee’s 14th Report of this Session before dissolution (which is at 00.01am on Wednesday 3 May): precise details of timing of publication will be available shortly.

Report agreed: Justice Committee: unfinished business from the 2015 Parliament

The Committee also agreed a report on Justice Committee: unfinished business from the 2015 Parliament. This summarises the Committee’s progress on those elements of its work programme which it has been unable to complete before dissolution. It will also be published before dissolution: precise detail will be available shortly.  

Papers published this week

The Committee agreed to publish additional written evidence relating to Disclosure of youth criminal records, Personal injury: whiplash and the small claims limits and Prison reform. It also agreed to publish a letter from Jodi Berg, Chair, Administrative Justice Forum, on the work of the Administrative Justice Forum, and Memoranda received from the Ministry of Justice and other public bodies on their Main Estimates for financial year 2017–18.

Report published: Draft sentencing guideline on breach offences

The Committee’s report, Draft sentencing guideline on breach offences, was published at 00.01am on Tuesday 25 April.

Future business


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