Minister questioned on response to courts and tribunals fees report

14 December 2016

The Justice Committee questions Sir Oliver Heald QC MP, Minister of State for Courts and Justice, on the Government Response to the Committee's report on courts and tribunals fees.


Wednesday 14 December 2016, Room 5, Palace of Westminster

At 4.00pm

Government response

When the Government published its Response to the Committee's Report on courts and tribunals fees, on 9 November 2016, the Chair of the Committee, Bob Neill MP, made the following statement:

"It is disappointing that the Government Response is so negative in respect of the Justice Committee's recommendations; perhaps more concerning is that it is almost offensively perfunctory, appearing to have been rushed out at short notice and giving little evidence of attention paid to the Committee's detailed evidence and analysis. This is all the more surprising given that Government has had more than four months to produce this reply. I therefore intend to raise this matter and possible further steps with the Committee at our next meeting."

Further information

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