Courts and tribunals fees and charges: Terms of Reference extended

11 September 2015

The Justice Committee has decided to extend the terms of reference of its inquiry into courts and tribunals fees and charges to take account of the publication of the Government’s July 2015 Command Paper, "Court and Tribunal Fees: The Government response to consultation on enhanced fees for divorce proceedings, possession claims, and general applications in civil proceedings; and Consultation on further fees proposals", Cm 9123.

The following question is added to the terms of reference of the inquiry:

  • How will the increases to courts and tribunals fees announced in Cm. 9123, "Court and Tribunal Fees", published on 22 July 2015, and the further proposals for introducing or increasing fees included for consultation in Cm. 9123, affect access to justice?

The deadline of 30 September for responses to be made to the Committee’s call for evidence remains the same. Those submitting views on the Government’s further proposals for introducing or increasing fees may if they wish do so by sending the Committee a copy of the response they make to the Government’s consultation, but they should note that such material, having been prepared for the Government’s consultation and not the Committee’s inquiry, will not be treated as formal evidence to the Committee. Views on the Government’s proposals submitted as part of a stand-alone memorandum to the Committee will be treated as formal evidence.

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