Parliament’s role in scrutinising trade policy and negotiations examined

21 November 2018

The International Trade Committee continues its inquiry examining UK trade policy transparency and scrutiny. In this session, the Committee will consider the role that Parliament should play as the UK begins to establish a post-Brexit trade regime.


Wednesday 21 November, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

At 10.00am

  • Dr Brigid Fowler, Senior Researcher, Hansard Society
  • David Henig, Director, UK Trade Policy Project
  • Maddy Thimont Jack, Researcher, Institute for Government

Scrutiny of UK trade strategy and negotiations

Since beginning its inquiry, the Committee has considered the extent to which various key stakeholders should contribute to, or be involved in the scrutiny of, UK trade strategy and negotiations.

The Committee has taken evidence from witnesses representing civil society, business, the devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and local government.

Purpose of the session

In this session, the Committee will focus specifically on the role that Parliament should play throughout the various stages of negotiating and ratifying free trade agreements (FTAs), as well as the scrutiny of wider trade policy.

The Committee will hear evidence from policy experts representing the Hansard Society, Institute for Government and UK Trade Policy Project.

It is expected to consider current levels of parliamentary scrutiny of EU trade policy, the commitments that have been made by Government regarding Parliament’s oversight of future trade policy and negotiations, and how the UK should approach transparency of trade negotiation documents.

It will consider the interplay between Parliament, devolved administrations, local government, business and civil society.

The Committee will also question witnesses on the merits and weaknesses of trade policy scrutiny processes employed by legislative bodies around the world, in order to inform its final recommendations to Government.

This will be the final evidence session before the Committee questions the Minister for Trade Policy, George Hollingbery MP, on Wednesday 28 November.

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