Inquiry launched into Department for International Trade’s support for exports

04 December 2018

The International Trade Committee launches an inquiry into the Department for International Trade’s support for exports. Following on from the publication of the Government’s Export Strategy in August 2018, the inquiry will also build on previous work of the Committee from the last Parliament.

Chair's comments

Angus Brendan MacNeil, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Exports are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and in August, the Department published its new export strategy. Regardless of whether the UK has the ability to strike new trade deals around the world after Brexit, promoting and supporting UK exports remains a core task. In this inquiry, my Committee will examine whether the plans that have been set out in the Government’s strategy provide for sufficient levels of support to UK businesses wishing to export. We will also be looking at the effectiveness of the ‘Exporting is GREAT’ campaign, and whether the Government has set itself realistic targets, especially given the uncertainty around how the economy will fare after Brexit.”

Terms of Reference:

The Committee seeks written submissions on the following questions:

  • Are the Department for International Trade’s export services fit for purpose and sufficiently resourced?
  • How effectively does UK Export Finance support companies seeking to export?
  • Is the Government effectively identifying and resolving market access barriers faced by UK exporters?
  • Are the objectives outlined the Government’s new export strategy, and the ways proposed for achieving them, the right ones? Is the strategy sufficiently tailored to markets with particular potential in the post-Brexit trading environment, and to resolving challenges exporters could face due to the UK’s new relationship with the EU?
  • How effectively is the Government working with devolved administrations and local governments to support UK exports?
  • How effectively is the Department promoting UK exports overseas, for example through the GREAT campaign?
  • Is the UK’s “Exporting is GREAT” programme effectively raising awareness of export opportunities for UK companies? Will it need adapting in a post-Brexit environment, and if so, how?
  • How should the performance of the Department and UK Export Finance (UKEF) be measured in terms of how effectively they support exporters?
  • Are there export promotion services in other countries that the UK could learn from?
  • Are there particular exports that the Government should not seek to promote?

The deadline for written submissions is 21 February 2019. You can submit evidence through the support for exports inquiry page.

Further information

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