Potential for UK-US trade deal examined

29 March 2017

The International Trade Committee continues its inquiry into UK-US trade relations with a session featuring representatives of the Institute of Directors and BritishAmerican Business.


Wednesday 29 March 2017, The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 10.15am

  • Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO, BritishAmerican Business
  • Allie Renison, Head of Europe and Trade Policy, Institute of Directors

Purpose of the session

The session examines a UK-US trade deal from the perspective of the businesses that will seek to benefit from it. What are the potential benefits of a free trade agreement between the two nations? What types of measures, such as regulatory co-operation and mutual recognition agreements, will be necessary to encourage trade? And what are the barriers to any deal?

There will also be discussion of the implications for key sectors of any agreement. What are the main goals and red lines for each side? And what role will sectors such as agriculture, e-commerce and government procurement play in negotiations?

Further information

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