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UK investment policy inquiry

Scope of the inquiry

The International Trade Committee launches an inquiry concerning the UK’s investment policy, which will examine the Government’s performance in promoting and facilitating inward and outward investment and its approach, upon UK exit from the EU, to negotiating agreements that liberalise and protect foreign investment.

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Latest evidence

  • 23 Jan 2019 - UK investment policy - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF258 KB) HC 998 | Published 31 Jul 2019

    Evidence given by Dr Lukas Linsi, Political Economist, Amsterdam University, Professor Richard Kneller, Professor of Economics, Nottingham University, Courtney Fingar, Editor-In-Chief, fDi MagazineDr Ilona Serwicka, UK Trade Policy Observatory, Jonathan Athow, Deputy National Statistician and Director General, Economic Statistics, Office for National Statistics, Dr Henry Loewendahl, Group CEO, WAVTEQ

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