International Trade Committee

The economic effects of trade policy inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

One-off evidence session held.

Scope of the inquiry

The Treasury Committee and the International Trade Committee will be jointly examining some of the economic and policy implications of the UK’s approach to international trade, in the context of the UK leaving the European Union


Latest evidence

  • 24 Apr 2018 - The economic effects of trade policy - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF376 KB) HC 931 | Published 26 Apr 2018

    Evidence given by Professor Alasdair Smith, University of Sussex UK Trade Policy Observatory, Professor Jacques Pelkmans, College of Europe and Centre for European Policy Studies, Professor David Blake, Cass Business School and Economists for Free Trade, Professor Patrick Minford, University of Cardiff and Economists for Free TradeSir Martin Donnelly, Hertford College, University of Oxford, David Henig, European Centre for International Political Economy, Molly Kiniry, Legatum Institute

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There are currently no public meetings scheduled.

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