Committee to quiz academics on the future of DFID’s programme in India

06 January 2011

The International Development Committee, chaired by Malcolm Bruce MP, will hold its first evidence session on the future of DFIDs Programme in India on Tuesday 11th January at 10.30 am.


At 10.30

Professor John Toye, Senior Research Associate and a Visiting Professor in the Department of International Development, University of Oxford
Dr. Andy Sumner, Fellow, Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction, IDS, Sussex

At 11.30 approximately

  • Prof James Manor Emeka Anyaoku Professor of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London
  • Prof Geeta Kingdon, Professor at the Institute of Education, University of London, Chair of 'Education Economics and International Development'

Purpose of the Session 

This is the first evidence session on the Committee’s inquiry into the Future of DFID’s Programme in India. The session will focus on a number of broad themes including the case for or against aid to India as a middle income country with high levels of inequality; governance and poverty, and DFID’s current programme in India, with a focus on education, and possible future directions.


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