Evidence Session with DFID Permanent Secretay

27 October 2011

The Permenant Secretary for the Department of International Development Mark Lowcock will give evidence on Departments Annual Report and Resource Accounts 2010-11 and Business Plan 2011-15



At 10.00, Wednesday 2 November 2011, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

At 10.00am:

  • Mark Lowcock, Permanant Secretary, DFID
  • Richard Calvert, Director General, Corporate Performance, DFID
  • Michael Anderson, Director General, Policy, DFID

This will be the only evidence session held for the DFID Annual Report and Accounts, 2010-11 inquiry. As in previous years, it offers a chance to explore issues arising from DFID’s Annual Report 2010. It is also an annual opportunity to explore with the DFID Permanent Secretary and Management Board members the extent to which the Department is using its funding effectively and efficiently towards the achievement of its overall objective of poverty reduction, and to assess the reduction in administration costs and the consequences of that reduction for spending a larger budget. Finally, the session provides Members the opportunity to follow up a number of issues relating to DFID and Parliament. 

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