Committee examines DFID's work in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

05 July 2011

The Committee will take evidence at 10.30 on Tuesday 12 July in Committee Room 17 from:

At 10.30

  • David Mepham, London Director, Human Rights Watch
  • Jennifer Miguel, Technical Adviser, Women's Protection and Empowerment, International Rescue Committee
  • Sophia Swithern, Humanitarian and Conflict Policy Adviser, Oxfam
  • Chris Underwood, Head of Communications, International Alert

This is the first evidence session for the inquiry into working effectively in fragile and conflict-affected states with specific reference to DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. The main themes covered are:

  • Supporting provision of basic services;
  • Building governance, including at the local and community level;
  • Protection and empowerment of women and girls;
  • Security and Justice Sector Reform;
  • Economic Recovery and livelihoods.

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