Committee announces inquiry into the Humanitarian Response to the Pakistan Floods

12 November 2010

The International Development Committee is to conduct an inquiry into the humanitarian response to the flooding in Pakistan.


In July 2010, heavy rains triggered floods in several parts of Pakistan, resulting in loss of life, widespread displacement and damage to infrastructure and property. The floods have affected more than 20 million people in an area of at least 160,000 square kilometres. More than 1,700 people have lost their lives and 1.9 million homes have been damaged or destroyed.

The response to the Pakistan floods is complicated by military operations in parts of the country which have already created large numbers of internally displaced people living in temporary accommodation. The UK Government has earmarked £134 million in response to the current UN appeal.

DFID announced a review of its humanitarian aid provision in July. The review will look at how the UK can: respond to humanitarian needs; help ensure future disaster responses are better prepared and coordinated; and work with international bodies and UN agencies in emergency situations to ensure that the global response to disasters improves.

Invitation to submit Written Evidence
The Committee invites written submissions from interested organisations and individuals, especially those from developing countries on the following points:

  • The Government of Pakistan’s leadership in responding to the floods, including needs assessment and response management; as well as coordination between the Government, the military, donors, NGOs, UN agencies and the private sector;
  • The management, quantity and quality of DFID’s response to the emergency, both through multilateral channels and bilaterally including:
    o whether the right balance was struck between bilateral and multilateral response;
    o the performance of the ‘cluster system’ and other donor coordination mechanisms;
    o coordination between DFID, the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth office in the provision of humanitarian and longer term development assistance;
    o An assessment of special disbursement accounts created at the suggestion of the UK Government;
  • The response of UK-based charities and philanthropic organisations to the emergency;
  • Whether the provision of humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the recent floods and longer term internally displaced persons is sufficient, efficient, effective and cost effective;
  • How quickly livelihoods can be restored, assets protected and food security provided;
  • How to improve disaster risk reduction strategies with the Government of Pakistan and with local communities; 
  • Lessons for future disasters, both for DFID, the UN and affected governments, paying particular attention to the likely impacts of climate change.
    The deadline for submitting written evidence is Tuesday 14 December 2010. 

The deadline for submitting written evidence is Tuesday 14 December 2010. Individuals and organisations interested in giving written evidence may find the detailed guidance for evidence to House of Commons Select Committees particularly useful.


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