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DFID's work on disability inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Accepting written submissions - deadline is Friday 22 February 2019

Scope of the inquiry

Disability inclusion is a relatively new strand of work for DFID. Following the entry into force of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008, the Department began to focus on disability inclusion in 2014 (following a previous IDC inquiry) with the launch of its disability framework. Disability has since been “mainstreamed” across the Department’s work, with DFID reporting 22% of its programmes to be addressing disability in some form as of May 2018. However, the mainstreaming approach (where disability is incorporated in other programmes rather than being a strand of its own) makes it difficult to ascertain precisely how much the Department is spending on disability.

The International Development Committee is inquiring into all aspects of this topic but particularly focusing on how effective DFID's strategy and spend has been and whether the new disability strategy provides an adequate framework for approaching disability-inclusive development.   

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