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DFID's work on Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crisis inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Report published for part 1 - the Rohingya crisis.

Additional Report published for part 1 - Bangladesh and Burma: the Rohingya crisis - monsoon preparedness in Cox's Bazar.

Report published for part 2 - Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crisis

Government response published for part 2 - Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crisis    

Scope of the inquiry

Part 1 - the Rohingya crisis and monsoon preparedness in Cox's Bazar

The Committee expressed grave concern in its Report about the potential return of 100,000 Rohingya to Burma without a clear understanding of their legal status, interim and/or final destination, or even whether they have volunteered for the return trip. The Report also concluded that rape and sexual violence remain weapons of war used by the Burmese military but the UK has been too slow to act.

Part 2 - Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh and Burma as neighbouring countries face many similar development challenges. DFID has large aid programmes in both countries. The recent Rohingya crisis has brought the world’s attention to their mutual border. DFID’s 2017/18 Bangladesh bilateral country programme budget is £159 million. In Burma, DFID’s budget is £94 million for 2017/18.

Terms of reference: DFID's work on Bangladesh, Burma and the Rohingya crisis

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