Unauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications

07 September 2010

The Home Affairs Committee is today announcing a new inquiry into the issue of unauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications. In particular the inquiry will focus on:


  • The definition of the offences relating to unauthorised tapping or hacking in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, and the ease of prosecuting such offences; and
  • The police response to such offences, especially the treatment of those whose communications have been intercepted; and
  • What the police are doing to control such offences


Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Committee, said:


The evidence of Assistant Commissioner John Yates today raised a number questions  of importance about the law on phone hacking, the way the police deal with such breaches of the law and the manner in which victims are informed of those breaches. I hope that this inquiry will clarify all these important areas."

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