International conference

09 September 2011

On Monday the Home Affairs Committee will hold an international conference on migration and asylum to discuss the importance of anticipating immigration problems; identify possible means of assistance which can be provided to source and transit countries; and provide suggestions on how to ensure those claiming asylum are treated equally, regardless of their source or destination country. The event will be attended by representatives from 14 foreign Parliaments and British organisations which provide support to migrants.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“One of the most important aspects of a select committee is its ability to engage with interested parties, be they members of the public, institutions or international partners.


Immigration flows and asylum are not issues that can be discussed in isolation. This conference brings together members of our sister committees from across Europe to examine different experiences and opinions to help us better understand some of the modern challenges which are faced by those working both within the immigration system and those who work with them.”


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