Committee marks inaugural Stephen Lawrence Day

22 April 2019

22 April 2019 is the inaugural Stephen Lawrence Day, a time to celebrate his life and the lasting legacy he has created. The Home Affairs Committee reflects on a young life tragically cut short before reaching its full potential, but also on the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust's message for young people today. The tagline is #liveourbestlife.

Stephen's legacy

You can find out more about Stephen's legacy and how the day is being celebrated by watching a series of short videos featuring Committee Chair Yvette Cooper MP, Baroness Lawrence and Sonia Watson and Qudus Patrick from the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Twenty years ago the Macpherson Report on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was published, following an inquiry into the circumstances and investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, as well as broader societal issues. The report made 70 recommendations for reform to tackle issues including institutional racism and relations between the police and black and minority ethnic communities.

The Committee is investigating how far we have come in this time, and is currently undertaking an inquiry to assess what progress has been made. As part of its inquiry the Committee has written to key institutions and national policing bodies for an update on the progress they have made against the Macpherson recommendations, including the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Department for Education, the College of Policing, police commissioner groups and the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Stephen Lawrence's legacy

Chair of the Committee, Yvette Cooper MP  said:

"Stephen Lawrence Day is a chance to celebrate Stephen's life, a life that was tragically cut short even though it had such huge potential, and it's to make the most of Stephen Lawrence's legacy because this should be about promoting opportunities, aspirations for young people, but also challenging racism, promoting diversity and equality and challenging the disadvantages that can hold people back, or the discrimination that too often young people can still face".

You can find out more about the inquiry and the Committee’s ongoing work here: The Macpherson Report: Twenty Years On.

Further information

Image: The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

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