Committee seeks clarification on status of Asylum Accommodation properties

22 November 2018

During a Home Affairs Select Committee session, the Chair asked the Immigration Minister whether or not the Home Office had followed up on the case studies described by the ICIBI in his report on asylum accommodation.

Communications between ICIBI and Home Office

The Committee offered to contact the office of the Inspector directly regarding communications between the ICIBI and the Home Office, and did so while the session was ongoing. The Chair then put to the Immigration Minister and officials the information provided by the Inspector’s office.
The Committee has since received a letter from the ICIBI with further information which appears to be contrary to information given by the Inspectorate during the evidence session.

Urgent need for clarification and prompt action

In light of the urgent need for clarification and prompt action to ensure asylum seekers are no longer living in sub-standard properties described in the case studies, the Committee is now seeking further information from the ICIBI both on what information was sought and on why such important information was not given to the Home Office.

Imperative for Inspectorate and Home Office to work together

Given the serious defects with asylum accommodation described by the Inspector’s report, it is imperative that the Inspectorate and the Home Office now work together to ensure that cases of failing asylum accommodation – especially for mothers and children - are identified, addressed and followed up as the Committee has requested.

Further information

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