Serious violence inquiry launched

05 June 2018

The Home Affairs Committee launches inquiry into serious violence.

Serious Violence Strategy

The Serious Violence Strategy, published in April 2018, sets out the Government’s approach to serious violence and in particular to the recent increases in knife crime, gun crime and homicide. The then Home Secretary said the Strategy "supports a new balance between prevention and effective law enforcement. By investing in initiatives such as the new Early Intervention Youth Fund we will help provide critical support for young people to provide them with the tools, support and opportunity to live violence free lives. It underlines the importance of steering young people away from crime in the first place, whilst ensuring that the police have the tools and support they need to tackle violent crime." 

Tackling serious violence

The then Home Secretary also said she was clear that "we cannot arrest our way out of this issue and that tackling serious violence requires a multiple-strand approach involving police, local authorities, health and education partners to name but a few."


The previous Home Affairs Committee carried out an inquiry into Gangs and Youth Crime in 2014-15, and the Government responded in March 2015, setting out a variety of initiatives for tackling the problems.

Terms of reference 

Written evidence is invited on, but need not be restricted to, the following issues:

  • What progress has been made on combatting serious violent crime in recent years, and especially since the previous Government set out some of its policies in this area in response to a Home Affairs Committee report on gangs and youth crime in March 2015
  • Whether the Serious Violence Strategy is likely to be effective in combatting serious crime
  • Whether the new balance between prevention and effective law enforcement described in the Serious Violence Strategy is the right one
  • Whether there are sufficient resources in place to make the Strategy successful
  • The extent to which the devolved administrations should be involved in the Government’s strategy to tackle serious violence

The Committee will be particularly interested in evidence on whether the four main themes in the Serious Crime Strategy are the right ones and whether they will provide the clarity and direction needed to tackle the problem. The themes are:

  • Tackling County Lines and Misuse of Drugs
  • Early Intervention and Prevention
  • Supporting Communities and Local Partnerships
  • Effective Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Response


Call for written evidence

  • Send a written submission to the Serious violence inquiry 

The deadline for written submissions is Thursday 16 August 2018.

Further information

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