Petitioning against High Speed 2 Hybrid Bill

29 April 2014

The Commons High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill Select Committee gives individuals and bodies directly and specially affected by the bill the opportunity to object to the bill’s provisions and seek its amendment.

After the Second Reading of the Bill, you can still oppose any particular aspect of the Bill (including details of the route) if you can demonstrate that you are an individual, group of individuals, or organisation directly and specially affected.

The way to do this is to petition against the Bill in the form set out in the petitioning toolkit. A valid petition will give petitioners the opportunity to be heard by the select committee. If the select committee agrees with your objections it has the power to change the Bill accordingly.

Petitioning deadlines

Subject to agreement by the House on 29 April, the deadlines for petitions are expected to be:

  • Local authorities (not parish councils) and businesses: 16 May 2014

The deadline for ’town councils’ will be the same as for parish councils

  • For all other cases: 23 May 2014

Further information on petitioning

Further information (including who can petition and how to do so) is available in the High Speed 2 Hybrid Bill frequently asked questions (FAQs):

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