Accountability hearing with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2012)

Inquiry status: Government Response published

A notable concern of the committee from last year’s hearing was that the annual registration fee would become unaffordable for lower paid registrants. The committee urged the NMC to avoid further increases in fees and "to consider fee reductions for new entrants to the register." This issue is now of significant importance following the recent decision of the NMC to increase their registration fee for the first time since 2007.

The second matter of serious concern to the committee in 2011 was the significant increase in fitness to practise (FTP) cases. The committee expressed surprise that the NMC did not have a grasp as to why FTP cases had increased in number so rapidly and was concerned that the NMC could not readily distinguish between referrals for nurses and midwives. The committee was very concerned that the NMC had failed to collect ethnicity data so registrants details could, if need be, be cross-referenced with FTP cases to discover any trends. The NMC has now started to collect equality and diversity data.