Childhood obesity inquiry launched

07 March 2018

The Health and Social Care Committee will be following up its predecessor's work in the last Parliament (Childhood obesity: brave and bold action and Childhood obesity: follow-up) by holding further evidence sessions on childhood obesity.

Terms of Reference

The Committee invites written submissions addressing the following two questions: 

  • What progress has been made with the measures contained in the plan published by the Government in August 2016?
  • What should be the priorities for further action by the Government, given its commitment that the August 2016 plan was "the start of a conversation, rather than the final word"?

The Committee will be particularly interested to hear what effect the plan is having on health inequality; and what the most effective interventions might be to reduce inequality.

Submissions of no more than 2500 words are invited by Monday 9 April.

Oral evidence sessions are expected to be held in May.

Further information

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