Health and Social Care Committee

Availability of Orkambi on the NHS inquiry

Inquiry status: open

The Committee has requested written submissions from NICE, NHS England and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, as can be seen in the correspondence published here. Anyone else who would like to bring any relevant matter to the attention of the Committee should contact the Clerk of the Committee at



Scope of the inquiry

The Committee's inquiries in this area are currently concentrated on the provision of Orkambi, and the other drugs being developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. It is not, for the time being, seeking written submissions from sources other than NICE, NHS England and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Further information about the Committee's correspondence with Vertex, NHS England and NICE can be found here

Latest evidence

No evidence has been published by the committee yet.

Next meeting(s)

There are currently no public meetings scheduled.

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