New inquiry into UK-Brazil Relations

31 March 2011

The Foreign Affairs Committee has announced a new inquiry into UK-Brazil Relations

The UK Government has announced its intention of strengthening the UK’s bilateral relationship with Brazil. The Foreign Secretary, in the Canning Lecture of 9 November, has said that “We believe that now is the time for Britain at last to think afresh about Latin America and the opportunities it presents for political cooperation and trade and investment that will benefit all our citizens.” In addition to this speech, the Business Secretary, in August 2010, led a trade delegation to Brazil, and a bilateral Defence Cooperation Treaty was signed in September 2010. The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary are scheduled to visit this year.

The terms of this inquiry are as follows:

  • Trade. The role of UKTI in promoting trade in Brazil, and the experience of British companies who have attempted to trade in Brazil;
  • The Environment. Brazil’s management of the rainforest, and bilateral and multilateral efforts to prevent climate change, including the Cancun Conference;
  • Energy Security and the discovery of large stocks of oil and gas in Brazilian waters;
  • Brazil as an international actor. Brazil’s interaction with the UN and its role on the international stage on issues such as nuclear non-proliferation; and
  • Security and criminality. Brazil’s role as a regional power in areas such as the Falklands and the prevention of the transit of narcotics through South America into Britain, for example.

The Foreign Affairs Committee plans to hold three evidence sessions for this inquiry on 27 April, 11 May and 22 June (tbc).

Call for evidence:

Interested groups or individuals are encouraged to submit written evidence to the inquiry. Written evidence should be received by the Committee no later than 18 April. Submissions must be no longer than 3000 words.

View guidance on submitting written evidence.

Form of written evidence:

Each submission should contain the following information:

  • a short summary in bullet point form;
  • a brief introduction about the person submitting evidence, perhaps explaining their area of expertise;
  • any factual information from which the Committee might be able to draw conclusions, or which could be put to other witnesses; and
  • any recommendations for action by the Government or others which the submitter would like the Committee to consider for inclusion in its report to the House.

How to format submissions:

Each submission should use:

  • numbered paragraphs, and
  • MS Word format with as little use of colour/ logos as possible.

Submitting evidence:

Submissions should be sent as an e-mail attachment to and titled ‘UK-Brazil Relations Inquiry’. Paper copies may be sent to Foreign Affairs Committee, Committee Office, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Inquiry-related questions:

Please contact Eliot Barrrass, Second Clerk, on 020 7219 3309 or by email to  

Media enquiries:

Members of the press with enquiries should contact Alex Paterson, Select Committee Media Officer, on 020 7219 1589, or 07917 488488, or by email to

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