Committee examine FCO and global media freedom

25 January 2019

Defending a free media must be a central element of British foreign policy, Jeremy Hunt declared shortly after becoming Foreign Secretary.

Growing 'disinformation' practices are a threat to democracy

Following the death of Jamal Khashoggi last October, he wrote that the ‘appalling killing’ provided more evidence of the risks that many journalists are forced to run.

As well as aiming to counter the dangers and restrictions faced by journalists around the world, the FCO has identified growing 'disinformation' practices as a threat to democracy and the rules-based international system.

This new inquiry by the Foreign Affairs Committee will examine the potential approaches, challenges and resources available to the FCO in the Foreign Secretary’s quest to strengthen global media freedom and combat disinformation.

Send in your views

The Committee welcomes written submissions on:

  • The threats to global media freedom, and how they are evolving;
  • The reputation and capabilities of the UK in promoting global media freedom, and combatting disinformation;
  • The role of the FCO in supporting those individuals and groups – both in the UK and abroad – that serve these goals;
  • The best priorities and approaches for the FCO in this field;
  • The impact of the UK's support for global media freedom abroad.

Send in a written submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee's inquiry on The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and global Media freedom.

The deadline for written submissions has been extended to Thursday 1 August 2019.

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