Committee launch inquiry on Global Britain and South America

26 October 2018

Brazilians return to the polling booth this Sunday, in the second-round vote for the presidency. Three decades after the country returned to democracy, Brazil is emerging from one of its worst-ever recessions to confront issues such as corruption and violent crime, not helped by a polarising presidential campaign.

At the same time, Venezuelan migrants fleeing poverty and misrule are moving to neighbouring states like Colombia, and Argentina’s economic turmoil is causing concern.

New inquiry launch

The Foreign Affairs Committee launches a new inquiry: Global Britain and South America. In such a large and diverse region, with significant political and economic changes afoot, the Foreign Affairs Committee asks how the UK can ensure its policy towards South America is targeted most effectively.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has committed to stepping up future engagement between the UK and Latin America, stating that it “is likely to be increasingly important for British interests post-EU exit”. As part of this move, in May 2018, the former Foreign Secretary undertook a five day tour of three South American countries (Peru, Argentina and Chile).

This inquiry marks the latest chapter of the Foreign Affairs Committee’s work to explore the Government’s ambitions and objectives for its post-Brexit foreign policy, Global Britain.

Chair's comments

Chair of Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, commented:

"2018 has been a significant year for South America with economic and political upheaval. Against this backdrop, Colombia has elected a new President, Argentina is set to host the G20 meeting later this year, and the run-off round of Brazil’s presidential elections takes place on Sunday. With such changes, it is essential that UK foreign policy towards the region is targeted effectively to maximise opportunity for a truly Global Britain."

Send a written submission

The Committee welcomes written submissions on:

  • Recent political developments in the region (for example, crisis in Venezuela, the peace process in Colombia, the rise of populist politics and elections in Brazil) and the impact of these developments upon UK engagement with the region
  • Economic developments and prospects within the region and their influence upon the political landscape (for example in Argentina and Venezuela); the impact on growth and development of free market reforms, for example in Chile, and the potential for their wider adoption
  • Key industries and opportunities for trade
  • The impact of the extractives industries on growth and development in the region
  • Rule of law and human rights
  • The impact of climate change and the role of countries in the region in tackling it
  • Intra-regional co-operation and dynamics
  • The work of the FCO in the region, especially in promoting the rule of law and human rights, tackling climate change and encouraging UK/ South American trade
  • The interests and activities of external state actors in the region, such as China and the United States.

Send a written submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry on Global Britain and South America.

The deadline for written submissions is 23 November 2018.

We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence. We aim to have diverse panels of Select Committee witnesses and ask organisations to bear this in mind when we ask them to choose a representative.

Further information

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