Committee announces new inquiry on Global Britain and India

20 July 2018

The Committee is looking at the UK’s relationship with India as the next chapter in its Global Britain inquiry.

Chair's comments

The Chair of the Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, said:

"India is half of the Commonwealth and a fifth of the world. Its importance as an economic power is growing. As a democratic partner it has never been more important. How we work with India will be key to our place in the world in coming decades. The Committee will be looking at our relationship and considering the opportunities for greater cooperation."

In evidence to the earlier part of the inquiry, the FCO said that “the UK’s enduring relationship with India is… central to our aspirations. India is an economic powerhouse, with a growing role in Asian and international geopolitics. A shared past and strong people-to-people links give us influence and access, helping us to tackle security threats, encourage stability, and exploit prosperity opportunities.” 
While much of the discussion of relations with India in the context of Global Britain has tended to emphasise trade, the Committee is interested in exploring the full range of issues affecting the relationship between the UK and India, including regional security and counter-terrorism, technology and innovation, and the role of multilateral institutions. 

The purpose of this inquiry, which forms the next chapter of the Committee’s work on Global Britain, is to take stock of the UK’s relationship with India, and to examine the relationship as an important test case of the Global Britain strategy. The inquiry will also be an opportunity to consider a number of cross-cutting issues, such as the relationship between trade and broader strategic relationships, and the implications of the UK’s visa policy in a foreign policy context. 

Send a written submission

The Committee welcome written submissions on the following issues:

  • What is the UK’s foreign policy towards India?
    o How strong is the UK-India relationship at present? What are India’s perceptions of the Global Britain strategy?
  • What is the Government’s approach to leveraging soft power in the relationship between the UK and India?
  • What should be the main objectives for the UK’s future relationship with India?
    o What should be the appropriate balance between political, strategic and trade issues in setting objectives for the UK-India relationship?
    o What happens when UK and Indian objectives and values differ significantly?
  • In which areas can the UK and India work effectively towards shared objectives within multilateral settings, such as in the UN and the G20? And where do their objectives, values and interests differ significantly? 
  • How effective are the FCO and other parts of Government in building effective relations with India and capitalising on shared objectives and values?
  • How should relations between the UK and India be managed in the run-up to and after Brexit?  Are the FCO and other parts of Government preparing effectively?
    o How will the relationship between India, the UK and the EU be managed?
  • What impact does the UK’s visa regime have on our relationship with India? Does it help facilitate the type of relationship the Government seeks with India?
  • What are the implications of the Government’s ‘All of Asia’ policy for the UK’s relations with India?

Send a written submission to the inquiry on Global Britain and India.

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