Committee examines UK diplomacy and EU foreign policy

03 November 2015

The Foreign Affairs Committee takes evidence on how the UK's diplomatic influence may be affected by a withdrawal from the European Union.


Tuesday 3 November 2015, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 3pm

  • Graham Avery, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre (EU Commission, 1973-2006)

At 3.45pm

  • Professor Patrick Minford, Cardiff University
  • Dr Stephen Woolcock, London School of Economics and Political Science

Purpose of session

Topics for discussion include:

  • UK diplomacy and EU foreign policy
  • How the UK’s diplomatic influence might change if it chooses to leave the EU
  • The potential impact of UK withdrawal from the EU on the UK’s international trading relationships, economic diplomacy and role at the World Trade Organisation

Further information

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