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The UK and Iran’s regional role inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Accepting written submissions.

Scope of the inquiry

Terms of Reference

This inquiry examines the basis of the engagement between the UK and Iran, what it has comprised, and how successful it has been in securing the UK's foreign-policy objectives. As well as considering both sides of the bilateral relationship, it includes the approaches and priorities that the FCO has pursued in multilateral diplomacy. The inquiry also covers Iran's regional activities, how the FCO has responded, and how the UK's policy fits with that of its other allies regarding Iran.

The Committee welcomes written submissions on:

  • Relations between the UK and Iran, and vice versa: history, evolution, and aims
  • The FCO's performance in addressing bilateral disputes (past and present)
  • The FCO's role in supporting broader ties (commercial or otherwise)
  • The UK's policies towards Iran's role in the region 
  • The FCO's role in multilateral diplomacy regarding Iran, and the UK's priorities therein.
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