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Autocracies and UK Foreign Policy inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Accepting written submissions.

Scope of the inquiry

This inquiry examines the policies of the UK Government towards autocratic states. The Committee aims to scrutinise both direct foreign-policy relationships with autocracies and the ways in which autocracies interact with the rules-based international system. It complements other work being undertaken by the Committee, particularly the inquiries into sanctions and media freedom.

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Latest evidence

  • 05 Jun 2019 - Autocracies and UK Foreign Policy - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF218 KB) HC 1948 | Published 28 Jun 2019

    Evidence given by Aleksey Shmatko, Businessman, Jihyun Park, North Korean defector and human rights activist and Outreach Director, Connect North Korea, Ayeshagul Nur Ibrahim, Uyghur activistDr Oisín Tansey, Reader in Comparative and International Politics, King's College London, Annette Bohr, Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House, Professor John Heathershaw, Professor of International Relations, University of Exeter

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