Finance and Services Committee supports Parliament's Energy Savings initiative

16 October 2014

The Finance and Services Committee has monitored Parliament’s progress in meeting its environmental targets since 2010. The Committee recently welcomed the news that, in 2013/14, carbon emissions were 16.4% lower than in 2008/09 and water consumption 37.1% lower. However, there is still a long way to go to meet the energy commitment for 2020/21 of a 34% cut in carbon emissions since 2008/09. In fact, a further reduction of over one-fifth from 2013/14 levels.

Some of the required reduction can be delivered through new technology and some though improved building management as parts of the Estate are refurbished. But that will not be enough, it will also require commitment from all those who work on the Estate to use energy more effectively.

You can contribute by making small changes to the way in which you work and by submitting ideas about how energy can be saved by filling in a digital postcard at

The total Parliament-wide bill for gas, electricity and water is nearly £5 million. Saving energy also reduces this bill, making more money available for other services.

The Finance and Services Committee is happy to support Parliament’s Energy Commitment.

Image: iStockphoto

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