14 May 2014 – Decisions

Wednesday 14 May 2014
in Committee Room 13
at 2.00 pm

Members Present:

John Thurso (Chair)
Sir Paul Beresford
Clive Betts
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Sir Alan Haselhurst
George Howarth
Sir Greg Knight

1. Matters arising from the informal note


2. Select Committee resources

The Committee considered proposals from the Liaison Committee for enhancing scrutiny by Select Committees in the next parliament; agreed that scrutiny was a priority for resources; and invited the Liaison Committee to bring forward more-detailed plans for consideration as part of this year’s financial planning round.

George Howarth and Sir Greg Knight requested that it was formally recorded that they did not support this decision.

3. Northern Estate refurbishment: Decant accommodation

The Committee gave approval for negotiations to take place on lease terms for a decant building in advance of consideration of the proposed refurbishment projects.

4. Review of Capital Forecasting in the Department of Facilities

The Committee noted the outcome of a review of capital forecasting in the Department of Facilities.

5. Financial remit and planning round 2015/16-2018/19

The Committee agreed its advice to the Commission.

6. Environmental targets: Annual Report

The Committee took note of the House’s performance against its environmental targets for 2013/14.

7. Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 18 June at 2.30pm.