Decisions 16 May 2012

Wednesday 16 May 2012 at 2pm in Committee Room 13

Members present:

John Thurso (in the Chair)
Sir Paul Beresford
Clive Betts
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
James Gray
Sir Alan Haselhurst
Lindsay Hoyle
Shailesh Vara

1. Matters arising from the informal note

The Chair advised the Committee that he had written again to the Procedure Committee about the proposed standing order on motions and amendments with implications for the House Administration Budget.

2. Annual Report of the Advisory Committee on Works of Art

The Committee took note of the report.

3. Print to Web

The Committee took note of the paper and supported the decision to cease the Hansard bound volume service once volumes covering the 2010–12 Session had been produced.

4. Handling of a possible debate of the Estimate and Savings Programme

The Committee debated the issues and agreed to consider its advice to the Commission at its next meeting.

5. Environmental targets: Annual Report

The Committee took note of the report.

6. Accommodation policy: Review

The Committee noted the Director General, Facilities’ proposals for a review of residential accommodation.

7. Date and time of meeting

Wednesday 20 June at 2.00pm.