Decisions 18 January 2012

Wednesday 18 January 2012 at 2pm in Committee Room 13

Members present:

John Thurso (in the Chair)
Clive Betts
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
James Gray
Sir Alan Haselhurst
Lindsay Hoyle
Shailesh Vara

1. Supplementary Estimate

The Committee agreed, for submission to the Commission, a Supplementary Estimate reducing the 2011/12 Administration budget by £19.6 million, reflecting the increase in the valuation of the Parliamentary Estate.  The Committee took note of the planned Vote on Account for 2012/13.

2. Market testing

The Committee took note of the paper on market testing, and agreed its advice to the Commission on the matter.

3. Palace of Westminster modernisation

The Committee agreed to recommend to the Commission that it approve in principle the approach and timescale set out in the paper, and agreed that the Committee would consider the programme’s progress once a year.

4. Draft report on proposed Standing Order

The Committee agreed the draft report.

5. Management of Metropolitan Police contract

The Committee considered the management of the Metropolitan Police contract.

6. Request from British-American Parliamentary Group (BAPG)

The Committee agreed not to recommend to the Commission a change in the planned level of funding for the BAPG.

7. Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 22 February at 2.00 pm.