Decisions 12 October 2011

Wednesday 12 October 2011 at 2pm in Committee Room 13

Members present:

John Thurso (in the Chair)
Sir Paul Beresford
Clive Betts
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
James Gray
Sir Alan Haselhurst

1. Consultation document for Savings programme

The Committee approved the draft consultation document as the basis for consultation.

2. Indicative Estimate and Medium-term financial plan

The Committee took note of the paper.  It requested a paper from the Director of Finance on the handling of non-cash items (pensions and depreciation).

3. Termly report on Estates

The Committee took note of the paper.

4. Dates of meetings

The Committee cancelled its meeting on 2 November.

5. Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 30 November at 2.00pm.