Decisions 6 July 2011

Wednesday 6 July 2011 at 2pm in Committee Room 13

Members present:

John Thurso (in the Chair)
Sir Paul Beresford
Clive Betts
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Robert Flello
James Gray
Sir Alan Haselhurst

1. Consultation plan for Savings programme

The Committee agreed to recommend to the Commission that the consultation paper about the savings programme should go out under the Committee’s authority.  It also agreed recommendations about the consultation process, emphasising the importance of conveying clear information to Members and others, the value of informal meetings as opposed to formal debates, and the need to engage both with Members and Members’ staff, including staff based in the constituencies.  It took note of the paper on the emerging direction of the savings programme.

2. Annual report from the Advisory Committee on Works of Art

The Committee took note of the annual report

3. Proposed Standing Order on Motion and Amendments affecting the Administration Estimate

The Committee agreed to indicate to the Commission a preference for the version of the proposed standing order in which the financial memorandum is put to the House by the Committee, and for a lower financial threshold of £50,000.

4. Catering and Retail Services, including response to the Administration Committee's report

The Committee agreed observations on the draft response, to be sent to the Commission.

5. Termly report on Security

The Committee took note of the paper.

6. Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 7 September at 2.00pm.